Dinner for One: Asparagus Caesar Salad

25 Apr

I bought way too much asparagus at Costco the other day, and before I just pureed it all into a soup, I decided to research some asparagus recipes. I found this one for Asparagus Caesar Salad, and was inspired to make my own version. First of all, my asparagus was too thin to shave, so I just chopped the asparagus in 1 inch pieces and blanched them al dente. Then, I made the dressing per the recipe. To my surprise, it was super easy! Then, I browned some panko bread crumbs in butter. Obviously, my gluten-free friend was not dining with me tonight, so bread crumbs were in! However, this is totally optional.

Then, I tossed the dressing with the blanched asparagus and topped it with the bread crumbs and a fried egg (runny style). If you like anchovies, add another sliver like I did on the salad for good looks. Finish it off with a little sea salt and cracked black pepper, and voila…the perfect dinner for one!



Parfait for the Course

19 Apr

Welcome to our first post! I had some fresh fruit and cream in the fridge, so we decided to make chocolate and vanilla cream parfaits. Even though we topped the parfaits with granola (gluten-free for MM and 3-berry for EM), these ain’t your breakfast yogurt parfaits!

First make the chocolate and vanilla creams:

Then, layer on the fruit and cream as desired…

And voila!!